Monday, June 1, 2009

Emergency Room Dentists?

Before accident.

My girls (bless their hearts) are not very fleet of foot. They are in fact slow runners just like their Dad. They do have pretty good hand- eye coordination but when it comes to the use of their legs and awareness …well…they run into walls and trip over my shoes and it creates lots of scrapes and tears. We have not however had any emergencies…until now!

Ellie had a primary activity on Friday and she was super excited. She has lots of friends and just loves hanging out with other kids. The activity was to be held at out good friends house “The Hearn’s”. They have 3 girls just like we do and at the same age. They also have a really big backyard and had just purchased an in ground trampoline and a Big Wood Jungle Gym. With these big purchases they had taken every procotion to keep everyone safe by putting shredded up tires beneath the Jungle Gym it looks better then it sounds and it is SUPER SOFT. They also put the trampoline in ground and with a net all around it. No one can get hurt right? He He…. Ellie was playing on a platform of the Jungle Gym that sits about 7 ft above the ground and was blowing bubbles and giggling, having a good ole time. She went to stand up, fell forward and plummeted face first 7 ft to the ground and smacked her face on the metal step ladder. Ouch… Now before I go into the extent of the injury let me tell you that Ellie had a loose tooth, her first on the bottom front row. I tried to get it out but Ellie fears all pain and avoids it like the plague. She is very cautious and careful when she rides her bike, runs, jumps etc. She does not take uncalculated risk. You can say Ellie is the exact opposite of Carson Zierse who seems to seek out risk taking and pain. Anyway I digress. Ellie lost her tooth next to the one that was loose by acting like she was a dog and holding onto a blanket it was yanked out. Loose tooth still standing.

Now back to the FALL. Ellie smacked her face on that metal step and knocked out another tooth and we thought she drove the tooth into her gums because it was split and bleeding and we saw something white down in there. Funny thing about all this is Ellie’s tooth that has been REALY LOOSE for at least 2 weeks is still there. She has busted out her other two in unconventional ways. I digress again….sorry!!!!

We had to find a Dentist on a Friday night around 6pm so we could take care of her. Everyone in the ward was so helpful and giving us advise on who we should go see Cousins, Brothers, Sisters who are dentists and we could call but no one was answering their emergency phones. Emily and I decided to go home and just Google some Dentists and see who we could find. I remembered that my Best Friend growing up has a Brother that is a Dentist here in Las Vegas. Dr. Spencer Luth came to our rescue, returned my call and gave up his Friday night to help Ellie. When we got there, Ellie was fine, she was laughing and being happy like she always is…(probably because she ate like six popsicles in 10 minutes) There had to be some king of pain killer in those things because we found out in the Dentist chair that her tooth didn’t drive itself into the gums it was a broken bone. Mom before you freak out it wasn’t a jagged jaw bone thrusted into her mouth; it is the bone that holds the teeth in. Not as dramatic but nevertheless it was broken. Dr.Luth was able to stitch it up and said Ellie will be fine and he will check on her in a week. Ellie is doing great and is back to her normal self. She handled this whole thing like a champ and handled the pain very well. I don’t however believe she will start taking risks. She still fears pain and will indubitably fear any kind of fall, even the one where she trips over her own feet or Daddy’s shoes.

(Pictures to come soon)


  1. OUCH!!!! Poor Ellie and how funny that she still has her loose tooth. If I would have fallen like that, I don't think I would have been as calm. Not much the rubber mulch can do when you fall onto the equipment;) I'm impressed she dealt with it so well though. I mean smashing your face against a metal ladder is cause for panic in my book. I am so glad it wasn't any worse Whoo!

  2. What a brave girl! That is kind of funny that the loose one didn't come out with it. If she is anything like my boys, she dealt with it just fine because she knew the tooth fairy was coming! Did she get her hair cut? It looks shorter, or is it just the way she is tilting her head?

    Oh and, you just wait. You just might have one just like Carson one day!

  3. Ellie did get a haircut. So did Mylee for the Summer. It is much easier to wash and brush. Ugggg See I need a boy.

  4. So sad! I'm glad she handled it well.

  5. I am glad Ellie is doing well, and like Megan said, you're next one will not accidentally fall from seven feet, he (or she) will jump from seven feet.

    I'm glad your girl's hair is easier to brush and wash. LOL.