Friday, May 22, 2009

Having Girls

I have a confession to make, I was walking through the park with my youngest and saw some 5 year old boys playing Baseball. A tear came to my eye with the thought that I may never get that(with a boy). I love my 3 girls more then anything but I am worried I will end up with 4 girls and live a drama filled life (not that there is anything wrong with that.) I know everyone has there own perspective about how many kids you should have. When Emily asked me about how many Children I wanted I told her that I thought it should be up to the Women because they are the ones doing all the work. (Well most of it.) Emily told me she would like to have between 4-6 and if things feel really good then 8. She has refused to have an odd # so 3,5,7 won’t happen because she said one will be left out when we go to Disneyland. Hence, in her mind we are committed to at least 4 now. I really don’t think we/she wants 6 so I have one more legitimate shot.

I know just having Children is a huge blessing and I love all my Children no matter what their gender. I just want that bond between Males like my Dad and I have. No emotional things to deal with, just a phone call of the most current sporting event, golf outing whatever. Ellie is already hassling me about how much I watch sports on TV and she’s only 5. I am getting double teamed on that front, its hard enough negotiating that time with Emily now I have Ellie, with Mylee and Tessa getting older. Ahhhhhhhhh!

My point? I know God has a plan and is teaching me a lesson, and that is I have to figure out Women better for my eternal well being that I have yet to figure out. Gods plan is blessing me with Women. until I can pass the Women test. I at least get one more shot because we are at an odd number with 3. So in my estimation I have about a year to figure out this puzzle. I have three things that I am unwilling to give up in this process. I know its sounds like an ultimatum but it's not. Ok what am I kidding it is but I believe God and my girls will humor me.

1. Watching sports on TV. It is what I love and it’s my vice. Be happy that its not, alcohol, drugs, gambling or other bad things which I won’t mention here.

2. Playing Sports. This includes Golf, softball, basketball Ping pong or whatever gets my competitive juices flowing which will include Video Games sports. Go ahead and laugh I don’t care.

3. Women Activities. I don’t go to pedicures, gynecologists, or purchase girls underwear. I will on occasion pick up women products if need be but only on emergencies. Do not take advantage of this or I will take advantage of any of the two above.

Things I will do?
1. I will listen to the Drama. I will listen to my girls when they have a problem and I will do my best NOT to be the man in shining armor and try to fix everything (that’s the only way I thought I can stop the drama) I learned this the hard way. I will bite my tongue and just listen. This will become much harder as my girls get older, so I believe I earned my right to the three above for this one thing alone
2. I will figure out your Love Language. My wife is famous for this. Yes men there are 5 love languages and your job is to figure out which one is theirs. The five that my wife tells me are: Acts of service, Physical Touch, Words of affirmation. Ok so I can only remember three. I will add
1a) Learn all five love languages. I should know these better maybe that is a reason God continues to bless me with girls.

3. Be a Strong Priesthood Holder. Last but not least. I will commit to running FHE every Monday night. Read my scriptures and Pray as a family. Fulfill all my callings and run my household the way I have been taught to run it.

There you go. This is a proclamation to everyone including God. I know this test on earth is suppose to be hard but PLEASE allow me to have one boy to ease the difficulty a bit. Anyone with advice is welcome to comment. Again, I am very happy with my Girls and wouldn’t trade them for a Boy or anything else! My Girls make me happy and I will continue to be happy even if my 4th is a Girl. It will obviously just mean I have more to figure out.

Jim Zierse


  1. Jim, I feel for ya bud! I never thought I would be a mother of boys!! I'm still adjusting to all of the constant wrestling matches that go on at our house and gun shooting noises, etc, etc, etc. Luckily we have one girl to mix it up! I just keep telling myself that I must have been really close with these boys, in heaven, to have chosen them as my sons because sometimes I wonder... You are an amazing Dad and those girls are so lucky to have you! Hopefully the next one is a BOY!!

  2. Hey don't forget, your girls could be ATHLETES. But I know, it's just not the same. The emotions just seem to get in the way. Maybe God is saving the best for last, a true bonding experience for Father and Son:)or maybe not, either way... Here's to hoping though. Love you Jim. I agree with Kimberly you're a GREAT Daddy.

  3. I know what you mean. I'm tired of being outnumbered. And boys smell funny!