Friday, May 15, 2009

We Happy Famy!!!!!!!

Emily and I have 3 girls Ellie 5, Mylee 3, and Tessa 1 Year. They are everything to us and we couldn’t be happier with our Happy Healthy Girls!!!

Ellie is our social butterfly she will speak to anyone anywhere and is not afraid to talk about anything. Usually she will start her conversations (again w/ anyone) with the most dramatic thing that has happened to her in the last hour good or bad. She is always friendly and can make friends with anyone because of that great quality. She is also very observant and has a very good memory. (always corrects her Dad on all musical lyrics) she recites movie quotes and loves to have people laugh with her and her laugh warms your heart. She loves to use big words and if you say a word she doesn’t understand she asks for the definition and most cases uses it in a sentence weeks later. She also has taken on Dad’s bad habit of using the word that rhymes with RAM. Emily made some English muffin breakfast sandwiches with Bacon and Eggs. After we blessed are food we all ate in great haste, seconds later Ellie exclaims…RAM! That is some good bacon!!!! We should not have laughed but we could not help it. She is so innocent! Her Dad will be held accountable in the afterlife I am sure of it. She follows her Mother with great motherly qualities and takes great care of all her Sisters and Dad! We are lucky to have her spirit in our home.

Mylee is a little bit more reserved then Ellie but she can ham it up with the best of them. Mylee loves to play with Ellie. I would say she loves to play Mommy and Daddy the most and plays the Daddy. When she does play Daddy she lowers her voice as low as she can go and says…..Hey WIFE!!!! Of course Mylee has a bit of a lisp and I can in no way give that phrase justice by writing it. Next time you speak to Emily ask her to do it for you. It cracks me up every time.
Mylee also likes to Run, Dance, and just cuddle up with her Mom. She is skin and bones and can Hip Hop and twirl in her Dress with the best of them. Her smile is infectious and her top phrase whenever we are together “We a happy famy” gets me every time. She also likes to say “You the BEST (Mommy)(Daddy) in my whole life” whenever she gets attention which SHE LOVES!!!!! She expresses her love for her whole family every chance she gets both Mom Dad and her Sisters love it. She is in one word a “Sass” and will let you know when she’s not happy but that is more the exception then the rule. Our hearts are clearly pierced and lightened whenever she enters our presence.

Tessa of course is already a year old. Time flies. She is in one word an Angel. . She loves cuddling with her Mom and Dad and loves just being happy. Her eyes tell you everything she is feeling Happy, Sad, Constipated, Angry, you name it you’ll know it by those huge dark beautiful cartoonish eyes. She also has the most blood curling scream you will ever hear, and I am not being dramatic, it is LOUD and she is not afraid to belt it out. She definitely has the Zierse lungs! In church last week she was playing standing up holding herself up on the bench when she miss calculated the distance to catch herself and smacked her face on the wood. I grabbed her quickly and saw that she was building up her scream. I streamlined her to the door as fast so I would not disturb the peace but to no avail. She screamed in the highest pitch I have ever heard and right into my ear. (I still can’t hear out of it completely). It woke everyone in a 2 mile radius, even the dead. It was justified she was bleeding but she didn’t cry much after that, she got it all out with that one scream. She is our little Tessa Bess and like a said a complete Angel!!!!

I am sure I missed a lot of what I could say. They are our Joy! We really are as Mylee would say a “Happy Famy!!!!”


  1. We might miss a little of the cuddley and twirly action with having two rambunctious boys and a little girls that wants to be just like them, but kids are a blessing however you look at it. With that one look, one kiss, or one hug they can change the darkest of moods into the best day ever.

    I think I know more about your kids then I ever have. I’m glad you blog now.


  2. Yay!! You guys started a blog! I'm so excited!! I can't wait to read more updates on your cute family!

  3. It looks like your getting the hang of this blogging stuff! Two posts in a week, wahoo! Love the pictures of your girls. So very cute! We miss you guys, we need to plan a weekend getaway!

  4. I'm so glad you are joining the bloggers! When I talked to Ellie yesterday, Ellie said "I miss you more than my toys. That is the best complement I have ever had. I melted all over. We will see you this weekend! love ya mom

  5. I'm looking forward to reading all about your family. It's a great way to keep in touch when we're so far apart.

  6. I'm so excited that you guys have a blog!!! You have such a beautiful family. Can't wait to read more!!!

  7. What are you talking about not a good writer!? I was crackin' up over here. I can see your girls doing all of those things. I don't know how you guys deal with 3 girls but you've done a great job!!! I can barely handle one. I'm so glad you're blogging now. Yeah!